Thursday, July 28, 2005

So much for the Roof...

So much for the roof - ha ha. It's a big ballroom, but it was empty and kind of ominous for us to walk into alone. I started to think about the Shining as we walked empty hallways back towards our elevator and toward our room. Empty hotel hallways can be creepy. -- Ok, back to the Honeymoon while it still lasts :) - Tim

Kissy Face Picture and my 2 cents

This is us kissing at the Yankee game. Not a bad picture considering I'm holding the camera at arms length and trying to make sure it's aimed at our faces.

There is so much to do in NYC but at the same time it can be hard to decide what to do next. Next time we go, I'll do more planning so that we can see a few of the things that we'd like to see. Not that we're disappointed. We did it our way and at our pace. It's been a wonderful honeymoon and I'm so happy that she is my wife and traveling companion. Tara frequently is my eyes for stuff I'm not seeing... including easy to spot Subway stations. :) I feel like a real veteran now. I should be, I shredded the Subway map while staring at it. I guess we really looked like real Nyers, because somebody stopped us and asked how to get to Broadway! So I pulled out my map...

Well, it's time to see a little more of the hotel before we have to go home. When I fold this into the diary permanently, I'll add more pictures for you all to see.

We pray that everyone that is traveling to our 2nd reception makes it safely. And we're already enjoying the wedding gifts we've already received.

Gotta go, the wife is starting to fidget! Time to celebrate our 12 day anniversary!

Singing in the rain etc.

Greetings! I've got stories to regale you with so sit down and get comfy!
It seems like so much has happened because we've done quite a lot in New York City but I'll try to remember as much as I can.
Yesterday we took a walk in central park, which is really big by the way. And full of all different sorts of people.
Tim tried deciphering the map to the trails and we went in circles for a while before making it to strawberry fields where the Lennon tribute thing is, along with quite a few hippys and some impressive body odor.
Along the way we had fun being snuggly and holding hands, and pointing neat things out to one another. We saw a lake pond thing that had the neatest grime on the surface. It was this plant of some sort that looked like a sheet of green junk on the top of the water.
Thats me being impressed by the green slime.
We began hearing thunder and seeing lighting bolts lighting up corners of new york. There was talk of a thunder and rain storm. You might think that would be discouraging, but it wasnt. We were pretty amused with being doused heavily with rain in central park. Hey, it was hot out and the water felt good! Besides, its was pretty romantic standing in the rain together in a legendary park on your honeymoon dontcha think?
The rain bounced mud up onto our feet and legs, further grunging us up more than we were to begin with. We've been pretty grody on this leg of the honeymoon, with all the hot weather, no laundry washed, and more relaxing in the room than actual grooming.
We tried finding a horse and buggy to ride around the park but to no avail. All there was were these people on bikes with seats attached to the back. Yes. how romantic.
Can you peddle any faster?
Fast forward to today, and we slept in after a late night at the movies. By 11 we finally dragged our carcasses out of the hotel, put the privacy note on the door so we could bring some breakfast back, and walked down the street.
We came back with our loot and found a "maid inside" thing on the door.
What the heck?
We rang our doorbell and stepped inside to find a somewhat flustered maid trying to put the bed together and get out.
Tim and I waited in the bathroom while she finished.
We jumped on the subway with our starbucks coffee in tow to ride to Yankee stadium for the game. I had an unfortunate little incident regarding my drink on the way there. I think Tim wanted to explain that one as payback for the story I told about him and the womans shorts though.
We got to the game a little late and entered the legendary building. I got groped by a female ticket collector at the door as I went in after Tim.
She just reached right out there and grabbed me! How rude!
It took a few moments for it to register that I had just gotten my chest grabbed by a strange lady and then I got all offended. I told Tim. he didnt seem too phased. Apparently me being molested by a woman isnt as bad as if it had been man. haha
We had fun watching the game. Tim kept score on the score card, and I guzzled water. The lady next to us accidentally dropped part of her frozen yogurt with sprinkles on the guy in front of her. He didnt notice. I didnt say anything. New Yorkers are unpredictable!

We decided to hop on the subway and go somewhere else in the city so we went near times square to Rockefeller center and saw the big huge macys that boggles the mind and makes your head spin. We went through the home section and dreamed up stuff to do in our home.
We found one of those leg lamps like in a Christmas Story that I thought was pretty neat, at a tourist shop. Too bad it wont work as carry on
We toyed with going up the empire state building but the wait was too long so we just looked for a bathroom to use there and couldnt find anything.
We saw more of Central Park today. The water reservoir. Theres a guy they dubbed the mayor of central park. His picture was displayed on the wall of a building. Then we turned around and Tim noticed that he was sitting on bench behind us. Weird.
The Empire State building
The reservoir
Me in front of the business directory of the empire state building. Still looking for that bathroom...
So here we are. Sitting around in our hotel room. Tim wants to go see the starlight roof in the hotel tonight, and we still have to pack our stuff up for the trip back home tomorrow.
Its strange to think that the honeymoon is over! back to real life.
Thankfully the honeymoon trip ends now, but the honeymoon doesnt have to end with it.
I'm going to go see if Tim wants to see the starlight thing now.
See some of you soon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Last minute Dash to meet the Phantom

It's Wednesday afternoon and we're lazily laying about our hotel room catching up on the blog and postcards. Yesterday was a busy and exhausting day for us as we walked and walked and began learning the subway system. We started by having breakfast at the Broadway diner down the street from the Waldorf Astoria... Let me go back a step and recount our travel from Maine into NYC.
I've done a lot of traveling in the last 4 years or so, but driving NYC does make me more tense than driving around Washington, so I was on edge for the last half hour or so while we made our way to La Guardia airport to drop off our Lincoln Town Car. It was funny driving around in this pimp mobile for a week, but it was comfortable. We took a cab from La Guardia to the Waldorf and as we deposited our bags on the sidewalk the doorman, gave us a ticket for our bags and said that he would take care of it for us. It was weird leaving our bags on the curb, worrying that we would never see them again. We are traveling with 4 bags and 2 backpacks and it's kind of a hassle. Blame me for that one. I always overpack. Tara has a better excuse because part of her clothes are the ones that she is bringing back to Virginia.
We walked in and were impressed by the opulence all around us. It's quite spectacular here. We'll try to get some pictures of the main lobby so that you can see what we see here. It's like Grand Central Station in the middle of the day. We got our room keys and found our way up to the 38th floor.
The hotel has elevators to different wings of the hotel and we found ourselves in a short hallway looking for room 38M2. As we walked around we couldn't find our room. We walked the hallway, not once but twice making sure that we hadn't missed it. We were beginning to think that maybe our room was behind some strange cabinet in a secret passageway and we began to try our key in every key pad in the hallway. We finally had a green light at an unmarked doorway. We're in a secret room! I'm happy that they know where the room is, since it's unmarked, but everyday our bed has been made, so someone knows we're here. It's an art-deco style room quite befitting our tastes and the way that Tara looks right now with her Audrey Hepburn hairstyle.

We ventured outside for dinner and I managed to pick a really expensive restaurant for dinner. I think it was called John O'Neills. Although our dinner was delicious, we resolved to eat more cheaply on Tuesday.

After breakfast we got on the subway toward downtown on our way to Greenwich Village. Our goal was to do some record shopping. We weren't disappointed by the number of record stores in the region. We probably visited over a half dozen of them. I didn't find much U2 to add to my collection but we did find some cheap used CDs to add to our collection. After having lunch at a cafe, I wanted to show Tara Washington Square Park, and as soon as we entered it, she recognized the chess boards from the movie "Searching For Bobby Fisher" and we saw men playing games with one another just like in the movie. For those who haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's one of the few films that I can watch over and over again. It's that good.

The heat was getting to us, but I wanted to check out the Guggenheim in Soho before returning to the hotel for a couple hours of rest before going to Broadway. Well, I couldn't find the museum and the energy was draining out of both of us, and Tara was getting sunburned so we walked all the way back to the subway station in the village and returned to the hotel.

We rested for a time and she asked me when the show started. I told her that I thought that it started at 7:30 PM but that she should probably check to make sure... It started at 7:00 PM and we had less than an hour before we had to be there. I knew that we would be taking a taxi getting there, but didn't realize that we weren't the only ones who would be hailing a taxi at 6:30 PM on a Tuesday night. As we streamed out onto Park Avenue we jumped on the Taxi stand line in front of the Waldorf Astoria and I began checking the time on my cell phone. We needed to be there at 6:55 PM to claim our tickets, and we were stuck in line. As I fidgeted in the line, I established eye contact with a guy in a non-descrepit black car who was offering us a ride ahead of the rest of the people on line, so I grabbed Tara's hand opened the door and asked him how much to get us to the Majestic Theatre? His reply wasn't encouraging, but it confirmed what I suspected. He said to pay him what I thought it was worth, and so we got into his car, and told him the exact address of where we needed to go. Traffic was crazy and backed up, and he drove through it like a pro NYC cabbie. As we were headed toward the theatre, Tara said, "Wow, I can't believe we got a cab before everyone else!" I bit my tongue for a moment , waiting until we departed the car to explain what I had already figured out. We got within 5 blocks of the theatre and we weren't making much progress in traffic, and I only had 5 minutes to get to the theatre. I told the cabbie that we were going to leg it the rest of the way, shoved a $20 into his hand and began knifing our way through the crowds trying to walk speedily to the Majestic Theatre. We were both praying that we would make it on time, as we squeezed through people on a crazy looping path through NYC. It's a miracle that we didn't get lost on our way there. It wasn't a straight shot to the theatre and we were given the vaguest directions from the cabbie, (who wasn't a cabbie). During the flight to the theatre, I told Tara that the guy who picked us up was running a Pirate cab. He wasn't authorized to charge fares, but we were desperate and we didn't have much choice.
We arrived at the box office at about 2 minutes before 7, and we had no problems picking up our tickets. As we walked towards our a seats, a woman looking like a scarier version of Carol Kane, particularly as she looked in The Princess Bride. She walked us down to our seats and thrust 2 playbills into our hands as we were seated. We were 2 rows from the Orchestra pit! We were in center section and had a great view of everything. It was very entertaining and some of the things that they did with the sets were really very cool! I'll let Tara talk more about the show since she could add much more description than I'm capable of. I can say that I was very impressed with The Phantom of the Opera and would definitely see another show on Broadway if I get a chance. Maybe we'll go again for our anniversary.

After the show we wandered around Times Square. It's quite cool to see all the lights, billboards and the people! It was very hot though, and we had a hard time finding a cab to return us to the hotel, so we found a subway station that would drop us off closer to our hotel. We had to walk 8 blocks back to our hotel, since I still haven't mastered the system yet.

Well, Tara is napping on the bed, so I'm going to cuddle with her for a bit before we finally venture out for our trip to Central Park this evening. Sadly we haven't really taken any pictures yet, but that will change tonight. Later! - Tim

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wedding photos

Heres a few photos from the wedding. We have a whole load of them waiting for us at home in Virginia but my dad sent us a few as a teaser.
Im sure there will be many more to come. once I delete the ones I dont like *snicker*

Monday, July 25, 2005

Rub a dub

I'll kill some time on here while Timmy is in the shower. Did you know he usually takes longer in the shower than me?
Then again, he packs more than me too so it makes sense.

We're situated in the Waldorf now after a long day of travel. Tim was the pilot and I was the navigator. Thankfully I didnt lead us astray and he didnt crash the car in the terrifying NY traffic. Im sure it gets much worse but to a country girl like me anything is terrifying.

This hotel is really grand. The front lobby looks as fancy as I imagined and there really is a bellhop! I wonder if I could have my picture taken with him...

We got lost trying to get to our room due to a faulty elevator and an unmarked door. We're like undercover honeymooners. Theres no number on our hotel door. We resorted to sticking the key in random doors hoping to find our room.
Then ah ha! The mystery room is ours. We were beginning to think it was hidden behind a bookcase or something.

Okay, back to honeymooning.

Off to NYC

Sorry we can't write much. It's checkout time at the Captain Lord Mansion. It was wonderful! I can't wait to celebrate one of our anniversary's here. We stayed in the Dana room and it was beautiful, romantic and extremely comfortable. We feel like buying weekend trips for all our relatives... ha, wish we could afford to!

We went to Boston yesterday and it was a lot of fun. We walked the Freedom Trail and then hopped on the Subway to Harvard. Harvard Yard has a lot of record stores so Tara and I were in Heaven. :)

Well, it's hot in this little computer closet they give us (my sole change for this hotel would be wireless internet), so I better go.

I hope that the hotel we're staying at in NYC has wireless... we have pictures! 4 More nights of bliss before we have to head home - Tim

Hi, wife here.
Just wanted to share an amusing little story from last night really quick.
For an unnamed reason Tim decided that he really needed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at midnight. Right o, hubby of mine....but there was no knife to do this with.
So I sneak down the stairs...crrrreaaaaakkk
And into the kitchen where I shuffle somewhat loudly through about 6 drawers before finding the knife one. I was so excited that I accidentally slammed it shut! Oops
So I make my way back up the stairs. A few more creaks and begin to assemble my handsome husband a midnight gourmet feast like the last one I made.
He seemed pleased. I even gave it to him in bed!
Okay...the story ends there I think.
A view in Boston on the freedom trail
A building in Boston
Our feet on the subway in Boston. Isnt Tim's hairy leg cute?
Tim in front of cheers about to get sloshed. Haha. Just kidding
More buildings in Boston
Me feeling warm in Boston in front of a subway sign.
This is kind of out of order but its The Bush compound in Kennebunkport down the road from where we were staying
Our legs on the hammock outside the B&B. It was really hard to get onto that thing!

The hallway outside our room in Kennebunkport. Very elegant
View from a bridge going into the shopping town in Kennebunkport. Traffic sucked there like it does on the Oregon coast during the summer.

The entryway to the Captain Lord Mansion, shot from the hammock in the leg picture
Tim playing king in our room in Kennebunkport.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Anniversary Dinner

I dont have much time since breakfast is soon and then we have to shove off to Boston to pick up an accent. Ha. Just kidding.
We had a lovely evening last night. Complete with a date to the movies where we got to snuggle like teenagers. Wait. I am a teenager!
Then I had the privilege of making us an anniversary dinner
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and merlot.
Those of you who attend Grace community should have a small laugh at that one.
Breakfast time!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Home plate

Looks like Tim covered the bases again so I'll handle the rest!
Hmm...what to say?
Yesterday on the way here we went around in circles looking for coffee for Tim. Eventually we stopped at a dunkin donuts which I might add are freakin' EVERYWHERE here! Sheesh. I cant imagine people eating that many donuts.
Oh yeah, anyway, so we were getting out of the car and Tim yells about something.
I'm like what?
He's shaking his finger and then holds it and looks at me funny. I think he's slammed his finger in the car door or something terrible but it was a little cut on the tip of his middle finger. Somehow he managed to catch it on something and rip into the skin. He was so cute getting all girly on his finger injury!
I told him it looked gross and it was bleeding and he yelled at me. haha
He was crabby, I didnt mind. Plus, I got to pull his wallet out of his pocket for him in the store so all is well in the universe.
He would probably like people to know that he's not an ogre. He just doesnt like being injured.
That being said, I had fun comforting him in the car by swirling my fingers in his hair. He pulled through and his finger is still attached.
Today we had fun shopping together. I think he got like 3/4 more things than I did and I cant wait to see him in all of it!
He let me pick out a sweater that I thought would look good on him, and it did of course.
We had a funny little incident in a store today too. He's such a husband now that he heads to the womens section first when we go to a store, so I didnt think anything of it when he headed to a pile of womens shorts and started eyeing them. he's interested in them for me. No prob.
He then picks them up and looks at them and then holds them up to himself.
So I couldnt help but burst in to laughter.
Tim....those are womens shorts.
I could have refrained from some of the teasing that followed through some other stores, but I was mean. He's a good sport.
I dunno. He might have been able to pull them off. Eh....probably not.
Okay. Im tired of typing I think.
Tomorrow is going to be fun!
-Tara Faul!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

No Wireless Here

Hello dear readers,
No wireless here at this fine B&B, but that's ok. Kennebunkport is beautiful with amazing houses and the beach is minutes away. We left NY by ferry yesterday morning, landed in Connecticut, lunched in Providence, RI before arriving here at about 5 PM. Tara and I were in 6 states in one day yesterday! NY,CT,NH,MA,RI and Maine. I only have 13 more states to see!
The room kills the one in Long Island, and I would highly recommend staying here if the occasion is special enough and you have the finances to pull it off. They have showered us with gifts for our honeymoon and made us feel very special.
Well, it's time to let the wife say a few words before we shuffle off to our next adventure.... Oh yeah, today we drove up to the L.L. Bean factory outlet and did some shopping together. It was fun! She knows what I like and what I look good in, and she's really an efficient shopper! It's easy to be the husband with those conditions!
Tomorrow we're going to do laundry before heading out to Ogonquit which I hear is absolutely beautiful. Depending on our schedule, you might not hear from us in a while. We have pictures, but it doesn't look like they have USB on this computer. -- Tim

-- Edited to add pictures now that we have our laptop online
The view from the ferry
Coming up to land from the ferry
Tara on the ferry with really messy hair
Out of order. This is us driving into Boston on our way to Maine

Tim looking cute on the ferry. (this is Tara adding pictures if you havent noticed)Tara on the beach wondering if the water is cold
The Kennebunkport beach
The dunkin donuts where Tim hurt his finger

Tim with big pee wee herman looking shoes on in maine.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, here I am! The bride.
Tim pretty much covered the practical bases as far as everything thats happened since we got married and skipped away blissfully to our honeymoon.
Skipped off barely in time for our red eye flight that is.
So how was all of this from my point of view?
Well, I spent the better part of the morning before the wedding a total basketcase.
Wheres the rose petals? My makeup looks wrong! My hair is too poofy!
Then somebody neglected to inform me that the wedding was starting. I was cluelessly down stairs from the ceremony with my dress still bustled up, trying to get my shoes on.
A few close disaster encounters involving my feet, the front of my dress, and a staircase later I got to the doorway to the aisle out of breath but just in time.
My bridesmaids were already down there waiting for me, my dad's arm was out, and best of all - Tim was waiting for me with tears in his eyes.
All through the ceremony I could barely look at him without fearing descending into a pool of tears. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo.
We took communion and I was so frazzled and excited that I couldnt finish the bread that Erin handed me and I ended up having to slip it to Tim so he could hide it in his jacket pocket.
The paparazzi were in fine form. oh wait. No, that was actually our photographer.
he was there for every second of any small moment that happened. Im sure we're going to have some amazing pictures.
So now we're on our honeymoon. Ive managed to get sick between Lincoln City and Long Island, but it hasnt stopped me from being active *wink wink, nudge*
Tim and I are disgustingly in love and all kissy smoochy all the time.
But ha! Im allowed to pinch his butt and give him a wink. He's my husband, yeah!
I'm supposed to tell you about some chocolate mousse and wedding cake so here goes.
Wedding cake. Oooooh baby. Yum. It was a white chocolate velvet frosting, homemade with all natural ingredients, with this thick creamy white chocolate filling that melts onto your tongue and shuts down your brain. Then there were the fresh raspberries that were picked out of the cake bakers back yard and put in the filling. Juicy, sweet. I almost forgot about my wedding night! Yes. Almost.....
Somehow I never managed to get a piece of my own with all the cruising of the room and dancing I was doing but Im glad everybody got to eat some.
Okay, now the chocolate mousse.
We've got more raspberries over some homemade whipped cream, with vanilla bean mixed in and underneath is the most rich and amazing mousse ever! Sometimes you get this stuff that tastes like its just cool whip mixed with hersheys syrup. Yuck. This was so fluffy and creamy at the same time, and the little mousse bubbles popped on your tongue. You could feel the chocolate melting, and you might catch the occasional little chocolate chunk.
Speaking of chocolate, we saw charlie and the chocolate factory tonight and I thought it would be a fine idea to smuggle in some honeymoon gift chocolate.
Nothing wrong with that right? wrong
I left the little baggie with a few assorted chocolate yummies in the car while we had dinner, and today was really hot.
Naturally when we got back to the car I found to my despair a ziploc bag full of multicolored goo. Smelled great, but it was just goo.
Being the chocolate EMT that I am I immediately tried to ressurect it from the dead by holding it in front of the AC in the car, while listening to Tim laughing in amusement at me.

He was so amused in fact that he felt fit to take a picture of my poor little blob of chocolate while it was resolidifying under the cool breeze.
I ended up ripping open the bag in the movie, smuggling it back out since I didnt eat a lot of it, and getting a little cup to carry the yummy blob around in until we got home. Now its sitting on our dresser looking quite chocolatey.
Tim is looking very cute laying on the bed working on a crossword puzzle in his U2 shirt. I think its time for me to post this and go snuggle with my husband.
Sorry if Ive left a lot out but hey. Im on my honeymoon

Greenport, Long Island

Today is our 3 day anniversary, and we've finally fired up the laptop to take a look at the outside world. We're currently in a Bed & Breakfast in East Marion, NY. This B&B used to be owned by my grandmother. We used to visit this house before it became a B&B. I have memories of coming out here to the North Fork of Long Island during the summers. Although I must say that I remember a lot less of the place than I thought. Maybe because it's changed or maybe because I was too young to remember driving in to the area. Now that we're here, it seems to be a bit overpriced for what you get, especially after we saw the rooms at the Shady Lady Inn. Wow, is all I have to say about the rooms that we saw. If we come back here for our 5th or 10th anniversary, we'll definitely stay there! It felt like we were walking into an old opera house. We ate dinner in the Scarlet room, and it was elegantly appointed. I wish that we could have taken pictures, but even that wouldn't have captured the ambiance. It was so nice, I had to be given a dinner jacket just to dine in there. We eased our entrance by informing them that we were on our honeymoon and they gave us a room in the corner for two. I wish I could describe it, but it would be difficult. Picture a scarlet red nook with a 1920's style appointments. The atmosphere wasn't even the best part. I ordered the filet and it was mouth-watering. It was marinated in butter and rock salt, and it was just incredibly tasty! We were able to complement our meal with a glass of Merlot made right here in Long Island. And when we had finished our meal, we were given a complimentary dessert of our choosing. I only had to hear the words Chocolate Mousse and I knew what Tara would prefer. I'll let her describe it to you later, as she was the one in absolute heaven. I was still reeling from the steak. We capped off our evening by driving to the Sound and standing on the rocks while the water quietly lapped the meager sand. We kissed with the fog surrounding us amid the muted lights from the pier at Orient Point. We'll be going back there when we take a ferry over to New London, CT.
We had a very long night on Sunday night. We left Lincoln City at about 6:30 PM and we had to drop of Tara's sister in Portland. We had a ton of traffic and we were afraid of not making it on time. Fortunately, we did make it on time in part because our flight was delayed. We were still exhausted from all the preparations for the wedding and all the excitement so we fell asleep on our red eye to Chicago. We arrived in NYC amidst all the hustle bustle and the oppressive heat that we encountered when we left to pick up our rental car. When we got into our Lincoln Town Car, it said that it was 97 degrees; a dramatic change from the Northwest United States.
So, we tiredly drove down the Long Island Expressway in our old People's car. In just 2 short days, we were an old couple setting sail in our car that was as big as a whale. By the time we reached our destination, all we wanted to do was to have a nap.
Do you like my Memento style of writing? Uncovering my memories in reverse? I suppose I could cut and paste, but this works for me.
Our wedding night was spent at the O'dysius hotel in Lincoln City. I think it was the finest hotel room in town. We were pampered with a bottle of Champagne, bubble bath, a continental breakfast delivered right to our room. A stunning view of the Ocean, D River and Devil's Lake and of course the king size bed was as comfortable as you get. It was a spectacular wedding night capping a wonderful wedding and reception.
Tara was absolutely stunning in her wedding dress! She went for something reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn with a laced up back and a corset underneath. She wore elbow length gloves and was truly elegant and beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at her beauty as the ceremony went on. It was fabulously short and we proceeded to our reception. The reception hall was chosen by her and it was perfectly sized for our guests and offered a nice dance floor where most of the action took place. People said that they had a good time which was all we ever wanted for our wedding. I just have a few thoughts to convey before closing this up so that I can spend time with my bride. The cake was the most magnificent cake I've ever seen or tasted. I can't wait to share a picture with you. Once again, I'll defer to Tara's palatte. I also want to say that the flowers that were worn by us and my bride's bouquette was simply beautiful. I hope we'll be able to share those pictures as well. The entire day was awesome, and more than I could have hoped for, but even if it weren't, we'd still be happy as husband and wife.
We have to go now. We're going to have dinner at Claudio's, the longest family owned restaurant in the country. Apparently it's been in the same family since 1870. Oh, and we're going to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory as well! Can't wait! Here are a few pictures that we took today in Greenport.

Tim and I in front of the old family house.
Tara in front of a Tara sign in the hamptons
Us being goofy on Long island. Not sure how my arm wound up in it
Tim on a dock in Long Island, trying to show off his pec muscles
More dock stuffMe where Tim was earlier

Tim driving to the Ferry for our trip to the other side of long island

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rehearsal Dinner

We've just gotten home from the rehearsal dinner and it was a lot of fun. My Mom took care of everything and we took over a local restaurant called Carl's for the evening. My Mom even commissioned a groom's cake which was delicious! It was a marble cake with some vanilla pudding inside. After it was over, she asked me if everything was satisfactory. She exceeded all of my expectations and it was so cute how she really wanted to make everything perfect for the dinner. It was a huge blessing.

Of course, in order to have the rehearsal dinner, we had to have the rehearsal first. It was a bit chaotic, but it was necessary to reveal things that were missing and to choreograph entrances and exits. The Pastor who is marrying us is doing his first wedding and so he was learning. One of the things he forgot to tell us about was the marriage license. You'd think that it would elementary, but since I've never been married I've never really thought about what you have to do to be married legally.

Fortunately, Tara's Dad mentioned that we needed a marriage license and so the first thing we did this morning was drive down to Newport Beach and get our marriage license. It was so cool to be doing this together! The ceremonial certificate is really cute! We're like the 2 millionth couple to be married in Oregon since 1869. I actually feel like I'm part of a select group.

I saw Tara for the first time in 24 days last night. I saw her at about 10:30 PM, as she came down the stairs we hugged fiercely for several minutes. One of Tara's sister's ex-boyfriends was sitting on a bench nearby and he said "That was a Kodak Moment" after we stopped embracing. The funny thing was that it wasn't even our best greeting moment, out of the 4 times that we've been separated and come together this one came in 3rd. But how can you top the 1st time we met, or the 2nd time we met when I proposed to her? So, this was wonderful and movie-like and romantic.

For the last 24 days I've been treading time, alternately wishing for time to speed up and yet my desperation slowed it down. When I arrived here, time stopped. It was no longer important what day it was, or when I was getting married. I was with her, and so I was no longer wishing for anything else to occur. Even the wedding was unimportant now that I had her in my arms.

While I've been enjoying time not being a factor, I've also been a slave to it. The wedding is looming and I'm not too anxious about it. It may have some hitches but it has a happy ending. The marriage of Tim & Tara. - Tim

P.S. It's nearly midnight! It's almost my wedding day!!! Hooray it's Midnight! 13 hours until I'm standing at the altar. I've waited my whole adult life for this moment.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

To state the obvious

I'm excited for Tim to be here!

Aside from that I guess I don't have much to say
But I'm posting in here anyway because people say Tim talks a lot more than I do, so I'm going to try and keep up.


My flight leaves in 12.5 hours

It's 2:30 AM on Wednesday night and I'm about finished packing. I'm finishing up a load of laundry before I go. The cab will be here in 10 hours to pick up and deposit me at Reagan National Airport. In less than 24 hours I get to see Tara for the first time in 24 days.

I get funky before I leave town for vacation. I clean and have a hard time sleeping. The fact that I'm getting married makes it even harder. I fell asleep on the couch for about 2 hours tonight, so I can't even pass out with fatigue. When I get up, I'll have to do some light vacuuming and I need to pack up my shaving kit, but just about everything else is already done. I washed my sheets in preparation for our first night together when she returns to her home. Yep, her home. When I purchased my first house, I had her in mind, even though I hadn't met her yet.

I went to pick up my tuxes and I was informed that my tux was ready, but the rest of the tuxes that I had to bring with me won't be in until after 1 PM tomorrow. Well that was just unacceptable. So they'll be fedexing them to Oregon and it should be there on Friday. They will be paying for the mistake and I no longer have to carry 5 tuxes all the way to Oregon! So it's working out just fine.

Tara's matron of honor has arrived home, it's her step-sister. And her parents have been working their butts off to make this a great wedding. I'm grateful even as there has been some tension as we've gone along the way. Egads! I still haven't picked a song for me and my Mom to dance to at the wedding! I found one suitable song, but it's hard to find a good Mother / Son song. I'll go look at that now.

Here are a few tux pictures... fortunately it's not bad luck to see the groom, only the bride.

Monday, July 11, 2005

So I'm a blogger now?

Wow! Never thought I would see the day
I feel so....modern *grin*

By the way, this is the bride to be.
Excuse the contrast in writing between Tim and I
He's the organized one
I'm the slightly nuttish one which somehow works for Tim
Thats my lovely father in Tim's last blog. He always used to utilize that look on my boyfriends or annoying fellows that looked at me a little too long for his taste.
It never worked on me though. Ha! Sorry dad

So we're almost there! I'm eagerly awaiting Tim's arrival on Thursday because it feels like I've been away from him for a year.
I'm in withdrawal from his wonderful blue eyes!

Apparently we're going to be telling you, the viewer about our honeymoon trip. I think I'm in charge of all the useless detail since Tim will remember where we were and what we actually did a lot better than I will.
This will be my first time on the east coast besides having been to Virginia and D.C so I'm sure there will be some intereresting observations on my part.

I don't feel any different since I've become a blogger. Should I?
Maybe my skin is pastier now!


July 11th, 2005

Tick Tock, 5 days remaining! In about 75 hours I'll get to see my bride for the first time in 24 days!

I'm still prepping the house. I stayed up late last finishing up the DVD's that we'll be distributing to our guests at the wedding and the East Coast Reception. I also finished cleaning the guest rooms and vacuuming in various spots. This evening I'm dragging, and have gotten far less done, but I'm happy that both guest bathrooms have been cleaned. I've still got to steam clean in the living room, and vacuum the living room and my bedroom. The kitchen is in great shape, and I've packing the important stuff like the rings (although that will be a carry-on item) I'm not letting those jokers handle it in baggage claim.

Well, I better get back to Meet The Parents. It reminds me of my new in-laws. LOL Not really, but her Dad did send us a picture once. Here they are. He's watching me...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

July 10th, 2005

I got the idea for using a blog from my brother who is traveling cross-country via van to be the best man at my wedding. I thought it was a good idea to be able to create the travelogue and capture memories while I'm traveling instead of trying to put it together after we return.

It's T-Minus 6 days until the wedding and Tara and I very excited! We've only been apart for 20 days, but it feels like a lifetime. We've been counting the days until we see each other again, and that is only 4 days from now. For us that date is more important than the wedding. We sure miss one another!

I'm cleaning the house in preparation for out of town vistors for when I return and Tara is finishing up the plans for the wedding. We'll both be relieved when we can finally be man and wife. I'm a now a big advocate for short engagements. Once you know that you've met the love of your life, you want to get your life started right away. - Tim