Sunday, July 10, 2005

July 10th, 2005

I got the idea for using a blog from my brother who is traveling cross-country via van to be the best man at my wedding. I thought it was a good idea to be able to create the travelogue and capture memories while I'm traveling instead of trying to put it together after we return.

It's T-Minus 6 days until the wedding and Tara and I very excited! We've only been apart for 20 days, but it feels like a lifetime. We've been counting the days until we see each other again, and that is only 4 days from now. For us that date is more important than the wedding. We sure miss one another!

I'm cleaning the house in preparation for out of town vistors for when I return and Tara is finishing up the plans for the wedding. We'll both be relieved when we can finally be man and wife. I'm a now a big advocate for short engagements. Once you know that you've met the love of your life, you want to get your life started right away. - Tim


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