Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kissy Face Picture and my 2 cents

This is us kissing at the Yankee game. Not a bad picture considering I'm holding the camera at arms length and trying to make sure it's aimed at our faces.

There is so much to do in NYC but at the same time it can be hard to decide what to do next. Next time we go, I'll do more planning so that we can see a few of the things that we'd like to see. Not that we're disappointed. We did it our way and at our pace. It's been a wonderful honeymoon and I'm so happy that she is my wife and traveling companion. Tara frequently is my eyes for stuff I'm not seeing... including easy to spot Subway stations. :) I feel like a real veteran now. I should be, I shredded the Subway map while staring at it. I guess we really looked like real Nyers, because somebody stopped us and asked how to get to Broadway! So I pulled out my map...

Well, it's time to see a little more of the hotel before we have to go home. When I fold this into the diary permanently, I'll add more pictures for you all to see.

We pray that everyone that is traveling to our 2nd reception makes it safely. And we're already enjoying the wedding gifts we've already received.

Gotta go, the wife is starting to fidget! Time to celebrate our 12 day anniversary!


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