Friday, July 22, 2005

No Wireless Here

Hello dear readers,
No wireless here at this fine B&B, but that's ok. Kennebunkport is beautiful with amazing houses and the beach is minutes away. We left NY by ferry yesterday morning, landed in Connecticut, lunched in Providence, RI before arriving here at about 5 PM. Tara and I were in 6 states in one day yesterday! NY,CT,NH,MA,RI and Maine. I only have 13 more states to see!
The room kills the one in Long Island, and I would highly recommend staying here if the occasion is special enough and you have the finances to pull it off. They have showered us with gifts for our honeymoon and made us feel very special.
Well, it's time to let the wife say a few words before we shuffle off to our next adventure.... Oh yeah, today we drove up to the L.L. Bean factory outlet and did some shopping together. It was fun! She knows what I like and what I look good in, and she's really an efficient shopper! It's easy to be the husband with those conditions!
Tomorrow we're going to do laundry before heading out to Ogonquit which I hear is absolutely beautiful. Depending on our schedule, you might not hear from us in a while. We have pictures, but it doesn't look like they have USB on this computer. -- Tim

-- Edited to add pictures now that we have our laptop online
The view from the ferry
Coming up to land from the ferry
Tara on the ferry with really messy hair
Out of order. This is us driving into Boston on our way to Maine

Tim looking cute on the ferry. (this is Tara adding pictures if you havent noticed)Tara on the beach wondering if the water is cold
The Kennebunkport beach
The dunkin donuts where Tim hurt his finger

Tim with big pee wee herman looking shoes on in maine.


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