Monday, July 25, 2005

Off to NYC

Sorry we can't write much. It's checkout time at the Captain Lord Mansion. It was wonderful! I can't wait to celebrate one of our anniversary's here. We stayed in the Dana room and it was beautiful, romantic and extremely comfortable. We feel like buying weekend trips for all our relatives... ha, wish we could afford to!

We went to Boston yesterday and it was a lot of fun. We walked the Freedom Trail and then hopped on the Subway to Harvard. Harvard Yard has a lot of record stores so Tara and I were in Heaven. :)

Well, it's hot in this little computer closet they give us (my sole change for this hotel would be wireless internet), so I better go.

I hope that the hotel we're staying at in NYC has wireless... we have pictures! 4 More nights of bliss before we have to head home - Tim

Hi, wife here.
Just wanted to share an amusing little story from last night really quick.
For an unnamed reason Tim decided that he really needed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at midnight. Right o, hubby of mine....but there was no knife to do this with.
So I sneak down the stairs...crrrreaaaaakkk
And into the kitchen where I shuffle somewhat loudly through about 6 drawers before finding the knife one. I was so excited that I accidentally slammed it shut! Oops
So I make my way back up the stairs. A few more creaks and begin to assemble my handsome husband a midnight gourmet feast like the last one I made.
He seemed pleased. I even gave it to him in bed!
Okay...the story ends there I think.
A view in Boston on the freedom trail
A building in Boston
Our feet on the subway in Boston. Isnt Tim's hairy leg cute?
Tim in front of cheers about to get sloshed. Haha. Just kidding
More buildings in Boston
Me feeling warm in Boston in front of a subway sign.
This is kind of out of order but its The Bush compound in Kennebunkport down the road from where we were staying
Our legs on the hammock outside the B&B. It was really hard to get onto that thing!

The hallway outside our room in Kennebunkport. Very elegant
View from a bridge going into the shopping town in Kennebunkport. Traffic sucked there like it does on the Oregon coast during the summer.

The entryway to the Captain Lord Mansion, shot from the hammock in the leg picture
Tim playing king in our room in Kennebunkport.


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