Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rehearsal Dinner

We've just gotten home from the rehearsal dinner and it was a lot of fun. My Mom took care of everything and we took over a local restaurant called Carl's for the evening. My Mom even commissioned a groom's cake which was delicious! It was a marble cake with some vanilla pudding inside. After it was over, she asked me if everything was satisfactory. She exceeded all of my expectations and it was so cute how she really wanted to make everything perfect for the dinner. It was a huge blessing.

Of course, in order to have the rehearsal dinner, we had to have the rehearsal first. It was a bit chaotic, but it was necessary to reveal things that were missing and to choreograph entrances and exits. The Pastor who is marrying us is doing his first wedding and so he was learning. One of the things he forgot to tell us about was the marriage license. You'd think that it would elementary, but since I've never been married I've never really thought about what you have to do to be married legally.

Fortunately, Tara's Dad mentioned that we needed a marriage license and so the first thing we did this morning was drive down to Newport Beach and get our marriage license. It was so cool to be doing this together! The ceremonial certificate is really cute! We're like the 2 millionth couple to be married in Oregon since 1869. I actually feel like I'm part of a select group.

I saw Tara for the first time in 24 days last night. I saw her at about 10:30 PM, as she came down the stairs we hugged fiercely for several minutes. One of Tara's sister's ex-boyfriends was sitting on a bench nearby and he said "That was a Kodak Moment" after we stopped embracing. The funny thing was that it wasn't even our best greeting moment, out of the 4 times that we've been separated and come together this one came in 3rd. But how can you top the 1st time we met, or the 2nd time we met when I proposed to her? So, this was wonderful and movie-like and romantic.

For the last 24 days I've been treading time, alternately wishing for time to speed up and yet my desperation slowed it down. When I arrived here, time stopped. It was no longer important what day it was, or when I was getting married. I was with her, and so I was no longer wishing for anything else to occur. Even the wedding was unimportant now that I had her in my arms.

While I've been enjoying time not being a factor, I've also been a slave to it. The wedding is looming and I'm not too anxious about it. It may have some hitches but it has a happy ending. The marriage of Tim & Tara. - Tim

P.S. It's nearly midnight! It's almost my wedding day!!! Hooray it's Midnight! 13 hours until I'm standing at the altar. I've waited my whole adult life for this moment.


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