Monday, July 11, 2005

So I'm a blogger now?

Wow! Never thought I would see the day
I feel so....modern *grin*

By the way, this is the bride to be.
Excuse the contrast in writing between Tim and I
He's the organized one
I'm the slightly nuttish one which somehow works for Tim
Thats my lovely father in Tim's last blog. He always used to utilize that look on my boyfriends or annoying fellows that looked at me a little too long for his taste.
It never worked on me though. Ha! Sorry dad

So we're almost there! I'm eagerly awaiting Tim's arrival on Thursday because it feels like I've been away from him for a year.
I'm in withdrawal from his wonderful blue eyes!

Apparently we're going to be telling you, the viewer about our honeymoon trip. I think I'm in charge of all the useless detail since Tim will remember where we were and what we actually did a lot better than I will.
This will be my first time on the east coast besides having been to Virginia and D.C so I'm sure there will be some intereresting observations on my part.

I don't feel any different since I've become a blogger. Should I?
Maybe my skin is pastier now!



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