Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, here I am! The bride.
Tim pretty much covered the practical bases as far as everything thats happened since we got married and skipped away blissfully to our honeymoon.
Skipped off barely in time for our red eye flight that is.
So how was all of this from my point of view?
Well, I spent the better part of the morning before the wedding a total basketcase.
Wheres the rose petals? My makeup looks wrong! My hair is too poofy!
Then somebody neglected to inform me that the wedding was starting. I was cluelessly down stairs from the ceremony with my dress still bustled up, trying to get my shoes on.
A few close disaster encounters involving my feet, the front of my dress, and a staircase later I got to the doorway to the aisle out of breath but just in time.
My bridesmaids were already down there waiting for me, my dad's arm was out, and best of all - Tim was waiting for me with tears in his eyes.
All through the ceremony I could barely look at him without fearing descending into a pool of tears. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo.
We took communion and I was so frazzled and excited that I couldnt finish the bread that Erin handed me and I ended up having to slip it to Tim so he could hide it in his jacket pocket.
The paparazzi were in fine form. oh wait. No, that was actually our photographer.
he was there for every second of any small moment that happened. Im sure we're going to have some amazing pictures.
So now we're on our honeymoon. Ive managed to get sick between Lincoln City and Long Island, but it hasnt stopped me from being active *wink wink, nudge*
Tim and I are disgustingly in love and all kissy smoochy all the time.
But ha! Im allowed to pinch his butt and give him a wink. He's my husband, yeah!
I'm supposed to tell you about some chocolate mousse and wedding cake so here goes.
Wedding cake. Oooooh baby. Yum. It was a white chocolate velvet frosting, homemade with all natural ingredients, with this thick creamy white chocolate filling that melts onto your tongue and shuts down your brain. Then there were the fresh raspberries that were picked out of the cake bakers back yard and put in the filling. Juicy, sweet. I almost forgot about my wedding night! Yes. Almost.....
Somehow I never managed to get a piece of my own with all the cruising of the room and dancing I was doing but Im glad everybody got to eat some.
Okay, now the chocolate mousse.
We've got more raspberries over some homemade whipped cream, with vanilla bean mixed in and underneath is the most rich and amazing mousse ever! Sometimes you get this stuff that tastes like its just cool whip mixed with hersheys syrup. Yuck. This was so fluffy and creamy at the same time, and the little mousse bubbles popped on your tongue. You could feel the chocolate melting, and you might catch the occasional little chocolate chunk.
Speaking of chocolate, we saw charlie and the chocolate factory tonight and I thought it would be a fine idea to smuggle in some honeymoon gift chocolate.
Nothing wrong with that right? wrong
I left the little baggie with a few assorted chocolate yummies in the car while we had dinner, and today was really hot.
Naturally when we got back to the car I found to my despair a ziploc bag full of multicolored goo. Smelled great, but it was just goo.
Being the chocolate EMT that I am I immediately tried to ressurect it from the dead by holding it in front of the AC in the car, while listening to Tim laughing in amusement at me.

He was so amused in fact that he felt fit to take a picture of my poor little blob of chocolate while it was resolidifying under the cool breeze.
I ended up ripping open the bag in the movie, smuggling it back out since I didnt eat a lot of it, and getting a little cup to carry the yummy blob around in until we got home. Now its sitting on our dresser looking quite chocolatey.
Tim is looking very cute laying on the bed working on a crossword puzzle in his U2 shirt. I think its time for me to post this and go snuggle with my husband.
Sorry if Ive left a lot out but hey. Im on my honeymoon


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